Thursday, December 6, 2012

Moonshadow Noon position report

Moonshadow is now about 180 nautical miles southeast of the southern entrance of the Chesapeake Bay. We crossed the Gulf Stream where we were happy we did not find the 10 foot waves expected. The most notible aspect of the stream was a 20 degree increase in the water temperature to 75 degrees F. We are now exiting the East wall of the stream where the water temperature has dropped a couple of degrees. Also today's air temperature is a comfy 66 degrees F, so some of the warm clothes are getting peeled and stowed, at least until night time.

The crew has settled into our three section dog watch system, getting adequate sleep and delicious food from Deb's galley. Moonshadow is clearly enjoying being let out of her cage at the marina in Portsmouth providing us steady 9 and 10 knot speeds with occasional surfing into the low teens. Here is our current position:

35 05.43 N 73 10.8 W

Having missed out on a predicted bumpy and sloppy crossing of the Gulf Stream, we are keeping positive thoughts that we'll similarly skip the forecast of light easterlies by tomorrow (we are sailing Southeast).

John and Deb are feeling very fortunate to have two eager, cheerful and positive crew people aboard to help with standing watch. It is making the trip a walk in the park!

Cheers until tomorrow

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