Sunday, January 6, 2013


Still getting used to having Moonshadow all to ourselves, we booked New Years Eve dinner at the Rainforest Hideaway Restaurant in Marigot Bay, St. Lucia.  The meal and waterfront setting across the bay from Moonshadow was spectacular.
Afterward we returned to Moonshadow's foredeck for an awesome fireworks show.  Then it was off to bed so we'd be ready for some sailing on New Years Day.

The wind was light in the lee of St. Lucia's mountainous terrain, but it was delightful to slip along at 4-5 knots under genoa alone.  Then looming on the horizon were St. Lucia's signature island features, the Pitons, Petit Piton and Grand Piton.

We anchored close to the beach in Soufriere Bay next to Petit Piton (the pointy one in these photos).  We thought this blue roof would create a lot of drama for our Carmel Valley HOA, but it sure looks perfect here in St. Lucia.

Meanwhile, we had neighbors.  We're always a bit leery of boats anchoring nearby, and this time a French boat set their anchor across Moonshadow's chain. After an initial denial their skipper apologized and pulled in his ground tackle.  

They had a big job getting our chain off their anchor, but eventually, with the help of some local "boat boys" all was put back in order.  

'Nuff said...

But after all, when you're in Paradise and life keeps throwing beautiful scenery... 

and one swim-up-bar after another your way, how can you get too upset?

OK, here's how:

  • Fifteen minutes before the 0545 taxi arrives to take you to the airport for a flight back to California, the shore power quits.
  • Then... unable to quickly diagnose the problem, and unwilling to risk a full discharge of the new batteries and loss of another freezer full of steaks, you send your wife to the airport alone with a promise to catch up in a day or two.
  • Then... after kissing wifey good-bye, upon returning to the boat you discover the shore power is back on!?!!
  • Then... you heave your luggage on the dock, run to the street and discover you have no way to call or find a taxi.  It's 0600 and nobody is awake.  Finally, a marina employee arrives to begin her workday and calls a cab (whew).  Soon you are re-united with your wife at the airport (double-whew!!).
  • Then... you find upon arrival in Antigua your connecting LIAT flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico is late.  An hour late... no problem we have a 3 hour two hours late...uh-oh...finally boarding the flight, the math doesn't add up: we'll arrive in San Juan as our next flight departs...and we have US Customs...   
  • Then... you find the only flight available to San Diego connects in Phoenix arriving there at 1230AM but the final flight departs Phoenix for San Diego at 0845...ouch!
  • Then... you're just too tired to care.  Besides, now we have time to update our blog, and soon, we'll be holding our grandchildren!!!!

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Judy & Bill Rouse aboard S/V BeBe said...

Oh, you are brave to leave food in the fridge or freezer during a trip home while relying on shore power!! Hope it works out for you and you return to find Moonshadow just as you left her.

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