Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Moonshadow’s Day 14 Passage Report

1900 zulu, April 13, 2016
05 deg. 01.4 min. South!
133 degrees 07.1 min. West
Wind East AT 17 knots
Sea conditions ENE swell 3'
Sky condition 65% blue sky - occasional rain showers

1900 zulu 24 hour distance covered: 230 nautical miles
Total distance from La Cruz: 2242 nautical miles
Total distance remaining: 436 nautical miles

230 miles in the last 24 hours is our fastest 24 hour run under sail alone throughout the 19000 miles and four years we've been sailing Moonshadow. We did 233 once but we were motor-sailing up the coast from Costa Rica to Mexico - just not the same as sailing. 230 miles a day is an average of 9.6 knots. We actually averaged 10 knots for about a 10 hour stretch but this morning we had some light spots and that took our average down. No whining!

The big excitement now is watching the ETA to our anchorage in Hiva Oa, the Marquesas Islands. It has said dawn on April 15 and it has said 0100 on the 16th, and many times in between. We only want two things here: A daylight arrival, and a finish in under 16.5 days (that's George Bachus's passage time to the Marquesas with Moonshadow back in 1998). Any finish before sundown on the 15th will accomplish both goals. As cruisers, we have to realize we're not racing, we're sailing our home and all our posessions to paradise. Who are we kidding here? We're RACING!! Go Moonshadow GO!!

All is well aboard Moonshadow.

Cheers from John and Deb Rogers
SV Moonshadow


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