Sunday, April 3, 2016

Moonshadow’s Day 4 Passage Report

1900 zulu, April 3, 2016
14 deg. 09.971 minutes North
115 deg. 21.532 minutes West
Wind 12 knots at 040 mag. (NE)
Sea conditions 2-3' north swell with 2-3' wind waves
Sky broken 15% cloud
1900 zulu 24 hour distance covered: 166 nautical miles
Total distance from La Cruz: 689 nautical miles
Distance remaining: 1,999 nautical miles

An astute observer would look at our Day 04 distance covered compared to the distance remaining yesterday vs. today and think "hey, that math don't add up!". But it does because we sailed 166 miles all over the ocean yet only got 126 miles closer to the Marquesas Islands. Not our best performance by a long shot.

We were actually quite happy sailing "wing and wing" where the mainsail is on one side and the jib is poled out on the other side, using the spinnaker pole to hold the sail out. Until the weld on the Harken spinnaker pole mast car let go. While on the subject of broken stuff, our boom vang is unusable. This occurred in the marina in La Cruz, but then, there was time to fix it. We brought a seal kit with us on our return from San Diego, but discovered we were sold the wrong kit. No Problem, our friend Fred happened to drive up to San Diego to pick up a new sail for his boat and brought the "right" seal kit back. That's how cruisers are, always helping each other. Well, turns out that kit was right except for one particular o-ring. Out of time, we're sailing without the vang. The vang holds the mailsail boom down so it doesn't hike up in the air. We've jury rigged a block and tackle solution, but it makes jibing much more of a hassle. Then there's the Iridium Sat Phone which serves as a modem for our email. We're successful in maybe 10% of our attempts to connect with the mail server. In fact, it's just about as successful as my three wood.

But hey, no whining here. Just reporting the facts. Otherwise, we're enjoying beautiful weather, awesome sunsets and Deb's fine cooking plus some movies. All while getting closer each day to landfall in the Marquesas. No whining here!

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