Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunrise en route from Catalina to San Diego, 2011 following the SDYC Stag Cruise

Big news!  Deb's last day of work will be October 28th 2011.  That's three Mondays away!  

We've finalized our first year cruising itinerary options.  The three choices seem to roughly shake out like this:

  • Cruise a few months on the east coast, sail to the Med via Bermuda and the Azores; summer in the Med; re-cross the Atlantic via the Canaries for winter in the Caribbean, then on to Panama and the Pacific
  • Head for the Caribbean immediately; return to the East Coast for the Summer, then on to Panama and the Pacific; catch the Med later
  • Spend the winter, spring and ??? living in San Diego waiting for the $#@&** house to sell.