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Moonshadow is a Deerfoot 2-62, built in 1986 by Scandi Yachts, Finland.  She'd had just two owners until we came along.  While waiting for our San Diego home to sell, Deb and John took a trip to Florida to do some preliminary looking at boats to cruise the world.  We looked and Moonshadow last and before leaving, wrote an offer.

A few weeks later, we were toasting our new home with George and Merima, Moonshadow's previous owners who'd cruised her around the world.

Now, Moonshadow is our home, and we love her!

She sails like a dream

And comes with a "swim up" bar!

The Deerfoot Design was inspired by Steve and Linda Dashew who have cruised the world.  

They used their experiences to conceive a range of fabulous cruising designs that are tailored to couples like us who want to cruise aboard strong, fast, safe, and easily handled yachts that also serve as their home.  Check out the Dashew's website.

Moonshadow, Interlude a 74' Deerfoot, and Wind Horse, Steve and Linda Dashew's personal 83' aluminum FPB power yacht.

Despite being a rugged ocean cruiser, Moonshadow's lines are long and very slippery!

Moonshadow motors along at 8.5 knots leaving a minimal wake...

...and easily sails in the 9s and 10s with two fingers on the helm...

Sailing should always be fun.  Even when it's your home!

..all of which allows us more time to enjoy the destination...

...and the many new friends we meet!

inquiries to info@sailingmoonshadow.com


James said...

Name is James and we saw Moonshadow last year at Ortega Landing marina in Jacksonville where we kept our 2008 B43 RaJean until March of 2012. I often walked by to look at the beautiful lines and sturdiness of your Deerfoot. What an incredible yacht. Our B43 is currently in Hampton Va. After leaving Jacksonville in March we sailed to Bahama's Exuma Islands and returned to Va in May of 2012.
You have a very beautiful and capable boat and we wish you safe travels.
James Taylor Jr
2008 B43 "RaJean"

Unknown said...

Glad to see Moonshadow is still navigating sunsets and bringing delight! She is a lean, fast, amazing beauty. I had the pleasure of working for Deerfoot back in the 80's and got the chance to sail with her first owner Mike Gluck. In 1988 we took Moonshadow from Manhattan to Virgin Gorda and skirted the edge of TS Chris (biggest seas of my life!) with a four man crew the year after she won the ARC race. She's sturdy and true and awesome on long voyages. Thanks for the pics! I've often wondered how different my life would be if I had accepted Mike's offer to take over from his departing first mate way back then. I stared at the ocean for 15 years from Venice Beach doing day trips to Catalina and the other Channel Islands out of MDR, Long Beach and Ventura imagining the fab ports of call Moonshadow was making. I'm super glad to see others still living the off-shore dream with her! Reach her to starboard with her spinnaker for me the next time you get a chance! Cheers and kind winds from the middle of the Mojave! Eric J. Miller

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Deborah from New Zealand. During the 80's I was one of the crew that helped take Moonshadow from Leamington to the Grand Canaries for the first ARC race. We were on a very tight time schedule and left in the middle of the night (illegally). We pushed the boat too hard and broke a lot of gear, power-steering, etc. Mike Gluck was not concerned as we had managed to get the boat to its destination on schedule and it was repaired in 24 hrs. Mike won that first ARC in Moonshadow's class. Enjoy your time with her, she is a lovely vessel.

StuartSailor said...

I Was Mike's first Captain, after Phil Wade delivered her and won the ARC. I lived in the stbd aft cabin for 2 1/2 years. The time informed every thing I've done since, I took sister, Adiamo to the Med. And I have been running boats ever since. Over 30 years I still miss her sweet motion and effortless speed. Its nice to see she is looking good and going strong.

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