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Not long before we bought Moonshadow, we took friends for a sail aboard Legacy, and it was one of our last outings on her.

On a trip home from Catalina the wind was down to nil and the water was remarkably still, so when these dolphin showed up to play under our bow, it was like they hung in space.

Sailing into Long Island Sound from Newport, Rhode Island while towing the dinghy, the wind piped up to about 30 knots, and Moonshadow took off on a rampage.

In New York City, we visited the 911 Memorial.  If you get the chance to see it, see it.  It is a very moving experience.

Transiting the Panama Canal was a two day experience we thoroughly enjoyed.  Day One began at 1:30 PM and ended with an overnight anchor in Lake Gutan.  The second day was a long motor across the lake then down three locks into the Pacific.

In La Cruz Mexico, I asked Barry to explain the Crown Royal bags hanging from the ceiling of his restaurant/bar, Anna Banana's.  He said "wait a minute while I go home to get my guitar".  The wait was worth it.

I'm glad to say Philo Haywood was a friend.  Here he is playing Ride My Pony on my Boat in his La Cruz bar Philo's.  RIP Philo.

Moonshadow undergoes a two month refit in La Cruz Mexico.

When we heard Brian Savage playing at "A Taste of La Cruz", where Restaurants and Musicians strut their stuff, we were blown away.  Turned out Brian is just one of many outstanding musicians you can see at the local restaurants in the wonderful little village of La Cruz Mexico.

When the Puerto Vallarta Race was scheduled to finished off of Punta Mita, Mexico in 2016 I asked San Diego Yacht Club Race Director Jeff Johnson if Moonshadow could be the finish line Race Committee Boat.  Jeff just smiled.  We had a lot of fun, and took some drone videos of the daylight finishers.

PV Race first finisher Mighty Merloe's owner Howard Enloe expressed his thanks to the SDYC race committee by inviting all of us aboard for a sail on Banderas Bay.  It was like no other boat I've ever sailed.

More videos of our cruising destinations can be viewed here.

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