Thursday, December 31, 2015

In The Blink of an Eye

Reminded yet again how important it is to treasure each day and every one in your life, we woke up to the tragic news that John's old dear friend Jamie Cooper has passed away in his sleep after Thanksgiving.

Jamie wasn't one to let a day go by with nothing to show for it.  He could be counted on to say yes when an opportunity for adventure presented itself.

So over our lives, Jamie and John spent many such occasions together in far away places...

...building fond memories...

Together, Jamie and John could laugh, cry, talk and listen.  It was a friendship we both cherished.

Good bye old friend!

We flew home for Jamie's memorial which gave us the chance to see old friends including our sweet Casey who is about to turn 16...

...and visit Luscomb's point  to throw some pennies in the surf.

It was a fine day for carving up the waves

Back in La Cruz, Mexico, we installed our crow's nest pulpit on the lower spreader.  Deb was the first to head up the new mast steps for a go.

From here, we will be able to spot coral heads in the South Pacific lagoons.

Thaaar she blows!!

Next we sailed off to nearby Punta Mida with several other cruisers participating in the Banderas Bay Blast.

Once anchored, we sat and watched the perfect point break going off.

The beach at Punta Mida has several restaurants, one of which serves as the clubhouse for the Punta Mida Yacht and Surf Club.  

Last year, we became lifetime members of PMYSC, and Deb was Commodore...

This year, as with all years, all memberships were revoked.  Then all ex-members who made a donation for the local children's school were reinstated.  This meant being re-initiated, so it was our turn to get swatted by the new Commodore.

Even the ex-Commodore had to take her turn.  All for a good cause.

Next morning we discovered that John has become such a great fisherman, he can catch fish in his sleep.  This is not a flying fish, but a Sierra that was not ready for solo flight.

Later the fleet sailed off for Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club while we remained anchored in Punta Mida enjoying the beauty.

63 foot custom catamaran Profligate

Soon we were off for Barre de Navidad, about 150 miles south, in company with Janabanana, a 58 Meridian owned by friends David and Jan.

Cabo Corrientes, which can get windy and rough was behaving nicely.

Along the way, we had another freeloader stowaway, who at first seemed startled to be photographed.

But quickly ignored the Moonshadow crew...

Then seemed to ask: "Are you still here"

John finally had to use the rake we fly from the masthead to keep frigates off Moonshadow to scare this uninvited guest off!

After an overnight in Chamela, we spend a couple of nights in Tenacatita which had taken a direct hit from Hurricane Patricia a few months back.  Conspicuous were the many missing palm fronds...

...which were in lush abundance the year before.

But Mexicans seem to take such things in their stride, and with the new palapa top the restaurant on the beach was back to normal.

We took a ride up the lagoon with Jan and David

And happened upon other friends Nick and Jan kayaking for some bird watching.

And there are plenty to be seen along the five miles of lagoon canals.

Next stop was Barre de Navidad where there is a well protected marina adjacent to a five star hotel.

Moonshadow and Janabanana tied to B dock running air conditioners full blast!

One of the treasures of Barre de Navidad is the French Baker who delivers fresh croissants, baguettes,  and other delights from his bakery right to your boat.

The other attraction here is the pool at the hotel, which is actually three pools connected by water slides.  This gets everybody acting like kids...

...which in turn reminds us we're not kids anymore!

But then there's the swim-up-bar, which sets everything right!

So we can leave Barre de Navidad on New Year's Day, ready for a month of exploring mainland Mexico's many beautiful anchorages and coves, grateful for each day.