Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Road Trip

Situated in the mountains about a two hour drive from La Cruz is the little gold and silver mining town of San Sebastian, founded in 1605.

Philo's, one of our favorite bars in La Cruz, arranges a tour to San Sebastian a couple of times every year.  They rent out all six hotels, book a big comfy bus, take their cooks and the band and about a hundred of their friends and patrons for an overnight, all-you-can-eat rib feed with music by the band.  The night is capped off with a fireside sing along jam session and toasted marshmallows served up by Philo's kids.  We couldn't pass that up!

After a ride through the beautiful countryside, we arrived at the old town square, checked into our hotel and explored the town.

Once a booming center of 40,000 people dedicated to exploiting the silver found nearby, nowadays San Sebastian's population is down to just 600 people.  

There are lots of beautiful parts of this small town to discover like this beautiful church.

 Everywhere we turned, there were lovely vistas.

Inherited from horse and cart days, some of the streets are very narrow, reminding us of places we've seen in older parts of Europe.

All this and Tequila too!

You can see lots of places where it's still Christmas in Mexico, including the town square in San Sebastian.  Never mind that it's March!

But one of the big attractions of this trip was the all you can eat rib dinner and entertainment by Philo and his band from his La Cruz Bar.  We were glad to have followed Philo's advice to bring warm clothes as it gets cold up at the 5,000 foot elevation of San Sebastian after the sun goes down.

Of course, wherever Philo's band goes, you will find Leon.  More about Leon in our previous post.

The next morning the sun came out to warm our morning stroll around town.

And soon it was time to board our bus for the trip back to La Cruz from our trip back in time in San Sebastian.

La Cruz seems to hover in a constant state of beautiful, and evidently the weather never changes.

We're really getting to know La Cruz, using our speedy little motorized electric bikes to run all around.

Things at the boatyard are moving along nicely and the form of our new Bimini/solar-panel/dinghy davit structure we call the Jungle Gym is taking shape.

We are getting ready to rejoin Moonshadow in the water but for another couple of weeks, we'll just have to accept our plight with each day's greeting more beautiful than the last.