Monday, August 8, 2011

We've talked about it, dreamt about it, stratigized, threatened to do it, promised to do it and now, well, we did it. We've counted our money. We've listed our house and boat for sale. John retired. Deb announced to her employer her intention to retire February 1, 2012.

Where to find us soon:
Between 23.5 North and 23.5 South

Our plans are loosely as follows: 

  • Buy a cruising boat. 
  • Head for the tropics. 
  • Apply sunscreen.


Anonymous said...

Captain Jack Sparrow said it well at the end of the first movie after he had won over the pretty girl and vanquished his enemies.
He said, "Now.....bring me that horizon!"

So go for it John and Deb, grab yourself a bag full of horizons.


Anonymous said...

Now that you are leaving the rat race, be sure to take your time to just "be". All the best!
John and Judy

Anonymous said...

Well it looks a very challenging plan for me; I look forward to see both of you back from the Mediterranean Sea, you have plenty time for this project. So enjoy it and be careful.


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