Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lazy Sailing to Cape Canaveral

Deb thought John was getting a little shaggy, so what do you do?

The sea was flat, the wind was down and the sun was out, so today looked like a typical motor-sailing trip home from Catalina.  John took the opportunity to throw a cushion in the water and declare man overboard. Deb took charge punching the chartplotter buttons to mark the MOB position, getting the jib furled and commanding our autopilot to steer back to the MOB waypoint.  Then she pulled Moonshadow up alongside the cushion where John snagged it with the boathook.  12 minutes later we were back on course for Cape Canaveral.  Great job Deb... I feel confident she'll know how to come back and get me.  Now the question is will she?

After a beautiful and sunny day motor-sailing in light winds north from Ft Pierce to Cape Canaveral, we were joined at the Cape Marina by John's niece Patrica her husband Dave and their adorable kids Drew and Paige for drinks aboard and a delicious dinner ashore.  Next we're off to Georgia!!!

If you've been reading our blog, you know we look at a lot of weather maps.  We've been getting more weather in the last two months than we see in a couple of years in San Diego, but just now, it looks like clear sailing for our cruise of Georgia and the Carolinas!

Wondering where we are?  You can always check out our location in a Google Earth gadget at our site here or by following the Where's Moonshadow link in the right column of this blog.  Be sure to scroll down to the Google Earth map at the bottom.  Sorry iphone and ipad users no Google Earth plugin for you... :(


Annie Cook said...

We are always vicariously with you, but yesterday we were soul mates: We too practiced rescuing seat cushions. Now Jeff can lose his hat all he wants. Annie Cook

Ed and Nancy Lazarski said...

John and Deb, I'm concerned that Nancy saw the haircut episode - I was liking the shaggy look. Keep the blog going, we enjoy reading it.

And, the Yvonka Int'l is 21-22 July - we're in for year 2, for us. But, we'll miss having you guys there...

Ed and Nancy

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