Friday, April 1, 2016

Moonshadow’s Day 2 report

1900 zulu, April 1, 2016
16 deg. 43.272 minutes North
110 deg. 48.611 minutes West
Wind 16 at 360 mag.
Sea conditions 5-7 foot north swell with 2-3' wind waves
Water temp 80.3 degrees
Sky broken 15% cloud
1900 zulu 24 hour distance covered: 199 nautical miles

Deb and I have been married just over 42 years now, so I guess 40 or 41 years ago, my Mom called Deb to let her know that a Mr. Fox called their house for Deb, and passed his number along.

Today, Deb woke my up about 15 minutes before the scheduled 1400 zulu radio net frantically telling me we were surrounded by whales, huge whales! When I appeared on deck buck naked, to see Deb pointing aft, I saw no whales. Then she turned and laughed her head off.

Both of the above events took place on April 1, and I'm reminded again of one of the many many reasons why I love Deb! By the way, when Deb called Mr. Fox, somehow, the party that answered the number Mom gave her said "Good Morning, San Diego Zoo"!!

So, back to the report, here we are grooving along with fair winds and following seas, just like all the farewell wishes we received. Thanks for that! Things couldn't be better aboard Moonshadow.

John and Deb Rogers
SV Moonshadow

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Cindy said...

Good one Deb!! I wish I was so talented! On the other hand... John, did you scare them off with your man parts hanging out!! Bwahaha. Love you guys! Moonshadow, Moonshadow!!

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