Monday, March 26, 2012

First (and last) sail aboard Moonshadow
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After the cold front that chased us from San Diego all the way to Florida finally passed to the east of us, we were greeted yesterday morning with a cloudless sky and warm fresh westerly breeze for our sea trial aboard Moonshadow. With 18 knots of wind, Moonshadow romped around the Atlantic, delighted to be back out doing what she does.

We are getting to know Moonshadow after two days of poking our heads into all the bilges and lockers, operating her equipment and learning about how things work from George and Merima.  Part of the discovery we're experiencing is just how really fantastic this boat is, and what terrific owners she'd had. 

As exciting as this day was for us, we could see that George and Merima are realizing this could be their last sail aboard Moonshadow... at least until they join us along our way someday.  For all of us it was an exhilarating day!

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Anonymous said...

Can't say I have ever seen a happier look on John's face.

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