Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leaving San Diego

Leaving San Diego was so hard.

First:  You have no idea how much stuff you have.  I think it multiplies when you're not looking.  The movers worked all day packing our "essentials" into wooden crates and carted all that off for storage.   One day we'll probably laugh at what we thought was important to keep.  The rest of our stuff either went to garage sale treasure hunders, goodwill, the landfill or a uHaul trailer bound for a life afloat.  The process of segregating all of this is a killer.

Lessons learned!

Second:  In the middle of running all day every day trying to leave town, you find yourself suddenly saying good-bye to friends and family and thinking "when will I see them again?".  At least 3 times I had to ask Deb:  Are we doing the right thing?

The day finally came.  Saturday, March 17th, after staying overnight with my brother Steve and his wife Wendy, and saying good-bye for the second time to our sweet yellow lab Casey, we met our dear friends Greg and Barb for breakfast, said good-bye and started east on I-8.  It didn't take long for those sad feelings to materialize again mixed with the realization that we're really doing this and on our way.

But wait!  There's red and blue lights in the rear view mirror and we're getting pulled over by the cops!

Turns out, Ryan had planned a special send-off for us!  So we had  another tearful roadside good-bye then we got back onto the freeway to really get on our way... But wait.  Eight more La Mesa police cruisers were waiting on the on-ramp to escort us through La Mesa and El Cajon with lights and all.

What a special and unforgettable day.

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Greg and Barb Darling said...

53 days until your yacht is boarded by the Darlings to celebrate old age and good friends. Today was eventful. Hope you enjoy the video of your last day in SD for several years. It's not often that a couple is so despised by an entire city that the local police escort them out of town just to make sure they are really leaving. Sounds like the wild west to me. We are only missing Clint Eastwood.

Greg and Barb

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