Thursday, December 13, 2012

Landfall tomorrow

Greetings Family and Friends,

Antigua is so close we can almost taste it. By our calculations we should arrive tomorrow morning. Our current position is:
20 31.104 N
62 22.737 W
The air temperature is 85 degrees and the water temperature is 80 degrees. We have a little cloud cover so being in the cockpit is delightful. Everyone is in bathing suits and there is much smiling going on. We're on the 4th day of no refrigeration but we've managed the food in the refrigerator well and haven't gone into the freezer at all. While we have our trusty ice machine on board, we're heeling over too much to use it. Don't worry about us. We have enough food on board to last 2 months.

The girls, or Wonder Women, as they now like to be addressed are dominating the gin rummy game. Alli is in the lead, with Deb a close second. Ed had a break out day yesterday but it's still a horizon job. Unfortunately, we can't play Mexican Train as we are heeling over way too much.

The captain made a welcome decision to now heave to during dinner preparation and dinner which has drastically reduced the black and blue marks Deb has all over her body from hurling across the galley. It was music to the cook's ears to here him pronounce "after all we are cruising and not racing"'.

Being away from civilization for more than a week, we are wondering just what is going on in the "real world". We guess we'll find out soon enough once we get to Antigua although not on Deb's Ipad which died a swift an painless death 2 nights ago as it flew across the room and came crashing down. If Deb promised you an e-mail on arrival, she misses you and she'll be doing her best to figure out a way to get that done.

Cheers from Moonshadow.

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