Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Moonshadow has left the Chesapeake on her way to Antigua.  On board are John and Deb Rogers, Alli Bell, and Ed Lazarski.  We are all very exited to be on our way to the tropics and all that entails.  

Our 1500 position is 

36 58.9N 76 08.7W

The format above is Degrees/Minutes North Latitude Degrees Minutes West Longitude.  You can cut  the string above and paste it into Google Earth or Google Maps to get a plot of our position.

Our weather router Bob Cook had a long chat with us this morning and has a detailed route for us to navigate the first few days and crossing the Gulf Stream.  That crossing looks to be a bit rough, followed by some likely motorsailing through light Easterly winds associated with a big hi pressure that will overtake Moonshadow by day three.  

We will post each morning with the Lat/Long as above and a brief text of how things are going.  


John Rogers

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TriplePisces said...

All- Safe travels to Antigua. Looking forward to following your position!

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