Monday, April 16, 2012

 Part II
 The choice, upon leaving Lake Worth (aka Palm Beach) was to sail to Ft. Lauderdale outside in the Atlantic, or motor south via the ICW.  Inside, the prospect was more bridges.  Outside, the wind was still blowing 15-20, right on the nose and a 2.5 knot gulf stream current would have made it a long day.

We went with the inside route, and found the day to be quite fun. 

First there's the power you get to exercise over meer motorists, stopping them dead in their tracks to let you pass through a drawbridge.

Then there's the freedom from worry that you didn't measure the mast or figure the tide correctly...

The sky is the limit.

And finally there's all the great stuff to look at, like mansions with million dollar yachts tied out front.  Really amazing and the further south you go, the more ostentatious they get.
As we were almost down to Ft. Lauderdale, Deb looked over to see our yacht broker Jeff Erdmann and his family smiling back from the boat in this picture.   

I think Jeff's was the only boat out there missing a bunch of girls in bikinis on the bow.  All in all, a bloody great day out on the boat!

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