Thursday, April 12, 2012

Size Matters
The Kennedy Space Center is a very cool place and the best thing they have is a full size Saturn Moon Rocket.  This thing is gyyyyyynormous!  I mean you stand there and look at it and you think... No way. Nothing this big could ever lift itself off the ground. And when you see the launch film you realize what looks like slow motion is actually shown in real time.  That thing just inches off the launch pad hanging there as it slowly picks up speed.  It's nothing like the space shuttle.  Anyway it was really cool to stand there beneath this beast and realize these were in use before I even met Deb... and that was a looonnnng time ago.  

Speaking of moon rockets....

We finally got some wind today and a chance to really sail Moonshadow. Sailing from Cape Canaveral down about 65 miles to a place called Ft. Pierce, the wind piped up and Moonshadow took off like a moon rocket, steaming along at 9-10 knots for hours!

It was a BLAST!

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