Sunday, April 1, 2012

Starting to feel like home!
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Since Moonshadow's previous owners left, it's been a marathon of moving aboard, running errands (while we still have our truck), figuring out how to always have wifi, dispatching emergency text messages to George and Merima about all things Moonshadow, and a thousand other things.  

Today, we agreed to commit to observe an "official" cocktail hour at cocktail hour rather than 9:45 PM, as things have been working out up till now.  And that was one of our better calls.  Tonight we'll watch a seminar online about cruising to Florida's keys, in preparation for next week's adventure inauguration.

As you can see, we've hung the picture from our bar at home in the salon, which really helped transformed Moonshadow into our new home.  What you can't see (because I cropped it out of the picture!) is all the junk we still have to put away.  Helpful tip:  if you know anybody in Jacksonville, Florida,  let them know there'll be some really good stuff at the Goodwill next week!

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