Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More changes aboard Moonshadow

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You may not immediately appreciate this, but to us the fact you can see the cabin sole is huge! We've been working all week just to see carpet again and tonight, we toast the gods of boat lockers for yielding just enough cubic millimeters to accommodate the contents of our Uhaul trailer.  Also we toast the gods of dumpsters for allowing just enough cubic yards to accommodate the bulk of the contents of our U-haul trailer!

The other thing you may not have noticed immediately

This beautiful ships chronometer has been keeping time aboard boats that figure significantly in my life for about 75 years; starting with Joanne when my Dad was 15; Mystere in the 60's when I first experienced the magic of sailing; Sundowner, aboard which Deb and I spent a week in Catalina when just starting to date; and now proudly hangs in a position of honor aboard Moonshadow; where she'll announce the change of watches around the world.  She's just beautiful and when she chimes, the sound... oh the sound takes me back... Thanks Dad!  The real toast tonight is to you.

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